Stop Following Your Heart. Instead…

I know the title may go against everything you’ve thought or heard. But most men will follow their heart right off of a cliff. Our invitation to you is, instead of following your heart, begin to lead with it.


The 2 Most Vital Beliefs to Achieve any Goal

We are often asked about our views on goal setting; “Is it effective? Should I do it? How far out should I set goals for?”

The simple answer is you must know where you want to get to in order to know if what you are doing now is working. But most where most people get tripped up in goal setting is not that actual goal itself, but the foundational beliefs in which their goals are built upon. 

Two ingredients are absolutely critical…

Four Powerful Proven Ideas Get You The Results You Want

This image reminds of a time recently when I was about to sit for a morning meditation. I was on my morning walk around a two-mile path in the rental space I had for the week. The path was on a man-made island. As is usually the case in this area, the weather was bright, sunny, and just a bit cool. Typical Miami winter morning.

How To Get Passion To Work For You

This past weekend The Vital Guide was invited to speak and run a sweat lodge in Iowa. It was an amazing experience with a really incredible group of men. We spoke of creating space in our lives through self-awareness and how that allows us to create new possibilities and declarations for ourselves.

Are You A Real Man? Maybe... Maybe Not.

In participating in different men’s groups I get to see and experience men being men. Fighting, arguing, posturing, uplifting and supporting each other. 

One aspect of working with men and being around men in this way has illustrated a common question. 

The Solution To The Life Of Your Dreams

Having been a coach for over 6 years it’s easy to begin to see patterns and similarities in the people that come to seek our services. With men, we often see a trend that runs underneath the surface but can, and does, show up in many different ways.

Whether it is lost health, unfulfilled relationships, dead-end jobs or basic overall malaise, underneath it all what we really see is that many men have lost their fire.

Want A Remarkable Year? Focus On Meaning.

 “Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.”
~ Viktor E. Frankl

In Man’s Search For Meaning, concentration camp survivor and the founder of logo-therapy, Victor Frankl, states that man’s main concern in life is not about finding pleasure, or seeking power, but instead, that of finding meaning.

Whether you agree or not, think about this for a moment.

6 Simple Steps To The Best Thanksgiving Ever.

Every year it seems as if the holiday season goes by in a blur. Turkey day comes and goes, and what’s left is perhaps a faint memory of an overly stuffed belly, and maybe a few blurry photos for the Facebook feed.

This Thanksgiving make the best of it by doing the opposite of numbing out, and instead employ these six steps for the best thanksgiving ever.

Surviving A Bear Encounter. What You Absolutely Need To Know.

Todd Orr. You may have recently heard of this modern day Hugh Glass’s story on the news or via the internet.

Todd Orr, was scouting for Elk in Madison Valley, a southwest Montana area. He knows that this is bear country so as he’s moving along he’s yelling out, “hey bear!” about every 30 seconds to avoid surprising any bears near the trail.

About three miles in he steps out into an open meadow and yells again.

After a few more steps he spots a sow grizzly with her cubs. The sow sees him and at first they take off and run a short distance up the trail.

Unfortunately for Todd, the grizzly turns back and charges.

Stuck in a Rut? 3 Simple Steps to Get Moving and Get Things Done!

I love that quote. Why? Because while traversing the path toward being more effective in any area of your life, becoming a better person, or improving health and vitality, you will eventually find that there are certain hurdles that will seem insurmountable.

Perhaps you’re ready to finally start dialing in your health, but have no idea where or how to begin. Maybe you’ve been wanting to get in shape or you’ve been trying for years to improve the way you eat because you know you could do better.