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How To Get Passion To Work For You

This past weekend The Vital Guide was invited to speak and run a sweat lodge in Iowa. It was an amazing experience with a really incredible group of men. We spoke of creating space in our lives through self-awareness and how that allows us to create new possibilities and declarations for ourselves.

The Solution To The Life Of Your Dreams

Having been a coach for over 6 years it’s easy to begin to see patterns and similarities in the people that come to seek our services. With men, we often see a trend that runs underneath the surface but can, and does, show up in many different ways.

Whether it is lost health, unfulfilled relationships, dead-end jobs or basic overall malaise, underneath it all what we really see is that many men have lost their fire.

One Powerful, Sure Fire Way To Help You Destress.

You may have noticed that at The Vital Guide we make it a point to get outdoors, often. There’s a reason for that.

Most of us live in fast paced concrete jungles, and our heads are almost always buried in some sort of technology. If you live in or near a rural area you may not be as affected by today’s hectic pace, but if you live in a major city, then you know what we’re talking about.

15 Quick Tips That Will Increase Your Quality Of Life

At The Vital Guide, we believe that so many things contribute to our health, not just the food we eat. How we contribute to and operate each day is essential to our best life. Here is a list of things we’ve learned to do, and to avoid doing. Enjoy!