Want A Remarkable Year? Focus On Meaning.


 “Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.”
~ Viktor E. Frankl

In Man’s Search For Meaning, concentration camp survivor and the founder of logo-therapy, Victor Frankl, states that man’s main concern in life is not about finding pleasure, or seeking power, but instead, that of finding meaning.

Whether you agree or not, think about this for a moment.

Yes, it’s true that we go about life avoiding painful situations and seeking pleasure instead, and others seem to live life based on achieving power.

But we, at The Vital Guide, ultimately agree with Victor Frankl’s assessment that a man’s, or a woman’s life — for that matter — lived without meaning & without purpose is a life not fully lived.

As you move forward into the new year here are some things you may want to ponder.

  •   Am I living my life on purpose, or am I just going through the motions?
  •  What am I pretending not to know?
  •  Is what am doing essential?

 These may be out of the box questions for most, but they are worth asking.

Consider how many people go through life in an aimless blur of one to-do after another. If you aren’t examining why you’re doing the things you do, then what is the point? May as well be a robot destined for the scrap yard, with only a bunch of stuff to show for it.

You want to take inventory of where you are at so you can asses where it is that you want to be, and more importantly, why.

So we ask you, how is this new year going to be different from every other year? More resolutions, most of them the same as years past?

Our commitment to you is that this is the year that it all begins to shift.

That’s why created our Ignite Your "10" Life challenge. It’s a seven-day challenge where we get you thinking and taking action on identifying your road map in life. This challenge costs nothing for you to join, except your commitment to finding your meaning in life.

This is your invitation to join us.

Click on Ignite Your "10" Life to learn more, and we’ll see you on the inside.

In health,

Pablo & Michael