Stop Following Your Heart. Instead…

I know the title may go against everything you’ve thought or heard. But most men will follow their heart right off of a cliff. Our invitation to you is, instead of following your heart, begin to lead with it.

To follow your heart implies...

that somehow there is something that it contains that is outside of you. That there is something that you need to achieve, a place you need to get or accomplish. It comes from a place of wanting and lack.

When we lead with our hearts,

we are implying that we are already capable of having everything we desire. This simple mindset shift implies that we are coming from a full cup, abundant and that we are authoring our own story as opposed to being victim to its fate.

The distinction between following and leading with your heart

is that one you are susceptible to your emotion and the other is you are using your emotion to fuel your passion and vision. There is a huge difference in being a man that has emotion and creatively using it as fuel than a man where emotion has you!

You want your emotion to generate inspired and committed action rather than have your emotion paralyze you.

The journey to a complete and well-rounded man is an ongoing journey; one with many ups and downs and trial & error.

Emotion and heart are critical along the way. Make sure you are utilizing your emotions to fuel and inspire you rather than stop you and hold you back. Come from a full heart and be the leader you are!

In Health,

Michael & Pablo