How To Get Passion To Work For You

This past weekend The Vital Guide was invited to speak and run a sweat lodge in Iowa. It was an amazing experience with a really incredible group of men. We spoke of creating space in our lives through self-awareness and how that allows us to create new possibilities and declarations for ourselves.

One person asked a really poignant question that we want to address here; he asked, “What about passion?”

When it comes to creating the life that you truly want and desire, passion is a great fuel. It can inspire, it can motivate.

Unfortunately, people make 2 mistakes when it comes to passion

  1. Most people have the recipe backward – they wait for passion before they commit to their goals
  2. They dismiss what they are passionate about thinking that it isn’t valuable or worthy of pursuing

Here’s the thing about passion: “Don’t wait for it”

Committing to your goals, being “ALL IN” on what you are up to will generate passion along the way. One of the problems with passion, which has people lukewarm in their commitments, is that it comes and goes like the weather.

The good news is, is that you can generate passion. If I put on the soundtrack to Braveheart or Last of the Mohicans, I could get pretty passionate. But passion fades, don’t let your commitments dissipate because of it.

For all those that have children, I highly doubt that when they were infants crying in the middle of the night that any of you were passionate about waking up at 2 or 2am. However, you were committed. You were committed to your kid and their health, and happiness so you get up. It is your commitment that drives you even when passion is sleeping.

Never wait for passion so that you can commit, commit and you will generate passion

The other mistake people make with passion, besides waiting for it, is that they feel what they are passionate about is silly or lacks value. This is entirely untrue. Walt Disney was passionate about making people happy via cartoons, Michael Jordan was passionate about basketball and competing, Steve Jobs was passionate about changing the way we live through technology and we, here at The Vital Guide, are passionate about creating a new conversation of what it is to be a man of value, principles, presence and honor.

Everyone that has ever gone after what they are passionate about has been told that chasing their dreams and passions is silly and to “get realistic.” Truly passionate and committed people simply don’t listen.

If there is something that lights you up and you find yourself waiting for inspiration or to begin going after it simply begin adding passion to everything you do. Literally, practice passion. Whether you are washing the dishes, working out or loving up your woman, simply add passion. You don’t need anyone’s permission to bring it.

And if you find yourself in the conversation of “what I am passionate about lacks value” always remember that what is valuable to you can be and is valuable to many. Whatever it is. As you begin to contribute the value of your own passions you make a space for others that share the same and you create a tribe that represents what lights you up.

So what is your passion & what are you committed to doing about it? Let us know in the comments below.

Don’t wait… Go get it!

In health,