How Two Little Words Are Setting You Up for Misery

 So much of our pain comes from regret. Making the two most dangerous words in the English language ….


Let me guess…. The circumstances of your life right now are less than ideal. Am I correct? I see a lot of people struggling with health and life issues, or with connecting the dots of their passion and purpose.

 Often times, challenges come from not accepting where we currently are in life. We compare ourselves with others. We see what they have and lament that we don’t. We end up feeling regretful of not being where we thought we would be at this point in life.

I hear these all too often…

“If only I were younger”

“If only I had more money”

“If only I learned this stuff years ago”

“If only my partner was different”

“If only I were smarter, better looking, richer, had more, had less……. (fill in the blank)”

And on it goes…

“If only” is dangerous because it keeps us paralyzed from moving forward. It keeps us stuck dissecting the past, and it keeps us perpetually waiting for circumstances to be ideal before we take any kind of action. When we live our lives coming from an “if only” place we become overcautious.  We feel afraid of making mistakes and we overly question our actions and decisions.

If you ask anyone who has achieved anything worthwhile in life they will all tell you that circumstances are rarely ever ideal, and waiting for them to be will get you nowhere.

Your focus creates your reality, so stop seeing limits everywhere you look!

While we wait for our conditions to be ideal we are unconsciously procrastinating our potential and future away. We end up digging ourselves deeper and deeper into a disempowering hole. And as we all know, Rule #1 when you are in a ditch… STOP DIGGING!

 Eliminate the thought and phrase “if only” from your vocabulary today. Begin to take achievable actions to bring you closer to the direction you wish to be aligned with.

If the conditions in your health, finances, relationship, happiness, etc are currently not ideal then you must begin today (not tomorrow) to cultivate the environment that makes them ideal.

The quality of your life is going to be directly linked to your ability to turn a curse into a blessing.

“If Only” keeps you stuck in the curse, letting it go moves you toward happiness, freedom and new opportunities.

The present moment is the only thing we have control over so what you do today will determine how tomorrow will be.  

Believe in yourself, gain confidence, clean up your diet and lifestyle, surround yourself with people that make you happy and do work that makes you come alive. Because the last thing you want to be telling yourself is… “If only I started this yesterday.”

 We’re here for you. If you want help getting started with creating and increasing the quality of your life just reach out. Get in contact with us and we’ll help guide you out of that ditch!