Having a Hard Time Getting Your Changes to “Stick”? Don’t Overlook These 2 Things

First off, a HUGE thank you to all the men that came out for The Vital Guide event. It was an amazing day of insights, breakthroughs and brotherhood. There’s nothing like being able to support good ol’ Aha! moments for dedicated and committed men that are up to big things in life.

We spoke a lot at the workshop about “change,” and how that is an underlying force in so much of what motivates us. But how come we all want change but when we achieve it, it often doesn’t seem to “stick?”

Even though we try over and over to get in shape, increase our bank account, be dedicated to something we say we are up to, often times we end up reverting back to old patterns and habits, only to end up frustrated & defeated.

Perhaps our approach is off or we are simply overlooking that there is a far simpler solution than we think.

#1 – Awareness/Feedback

You cannot change or correct something you are unaware of!

If you keep getting the same result or keep repeating the same pattern and are frustrated by ending up in the same place, it’s time for feedback so you can gain awareness. Read and become self-aware, hire a coach or professional in the area you are struggling with or seek the counsel of your closest and trusted tribe or friends. Ask them honestly how they see you operating that you keep getting the same results. Don’t be defensive and simply take in the feedback of what they see, they may be able to see a blind spot that you are unaware of. Always thank them after feedback is given. If you don’t trust your counsel that’s an awareness in and of itself.

#2 – Add In - Don’t Take Away

Too often, we try to will power our solutions into existence. This is where many “aware” people get tripped up. It’s not always about getting rid of as much as adding in a healthy alternative. As we add in a healthier habit it will begin to override the old habit that was dragging us down. For instance, if you are trying to decrease your soda intake, it’s far better to add in water before each glass than it is to avoid drinking the soda altogether. Eventually, by adding in this new behavior you will override the soda habit. If you are terrible with overspending add in a pattern where you pay yourself first a portion of what you are spending. Instead of seeking to kill the habits that are killing you, find the ones that make you come alive and add them in.

Change is as natural as the seasons. Yet often times we find ourselves fighting it, resisting it or not knowing how to create it consciously. By gaining awareness and adding in healthy alternatives we end up creating new pathways of how our bodies and life operate. Disrupt the old pattern with a new awareness and commit to a new healthy alternative and watch those changes stick!

This is something we go deep into in the work we do at The Vital Guide.

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