Michael DeSanti & Pablo Garcia

As the co-founders of The Vital Guide, we’re on a mission to reconnect men to their potential and give them the tools to pursue it.

About Michael
With nearly a decade of coaching experience, Michael has coached over 1000 men to more passion, purpose, freedom, and fulfillment. He’s been featured in Men’s Health Magazine, is a hired coach for transformation expert Jason Ferruggia, and is a Part 1 Trainer for Gratitude. As a public speaker and coach, he’s helped men reach new pinnacles of health, repair marriages and relationships, create business with impact and financial freedom, and more.

About Pablo

Also equipped with nearly a decade of coaching experience, Pablo has coached over 200 men and women to embrace better health, better mindsets, and a better understanding of the beliefs and behaviors that limit them. He received his training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is best known for his intuitive counsel and direct coaching style. He recently graduated Masterful Living, a critical thinking leadership program by Gratitude Training.

It’s hard to put into words the impact you’ve had on me this weekend. Not just what you share and the lessons you taught but HOW you go about teaching. I learned so much just observing you and have returned home ready to be the leader people know that I am. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. We and I will be better men because of it.
— John
Thank you, Michael, for your dedication and belief in us. I am truly humbled and touched by your passion for helping others and making a difference in the world. Keep doing what you are doing!
— Mike
This weekend really helped me get back on course. I am looking forward to the journey of becoming a better man and human being. It was an honor to learn from you and have you to inspire me to my own greatness. Your teachings have already had a ripple effect in my life. Powerful stuff! You are a force for good and it is contagious.
— Jeff
I have experienced myself as such a badass in my life since the retreat. You continue to make such a difference in my life. I’m on your team for life. Thank you!
— Adam

Thank you, Michael, for creating a space that is missing for so many men. It allowed us to leave the weekend with tools to not only better ourselves, but also positively impact the people around us. I am forever grateful to you.
— Steve