Thoughts on the 2016 Integrative Nutrition Conference: Why Letting Go is a Good Thing.

Often health coaches have inspirational stories of how they became a wellness coach. And we at The Vital Guide are fortunate to have had the education and foundation built for us at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. This last weekend was their annual live conference, and as always they delivered the most cutting edge and relevant info and strategies FOR creating health and wellness both personally, with clients and in the community surrounding us.

Here is a recap of what really stood out:

Primary Foods are Critical to Health and Happiness

There is so much emphasis on diets, calories, what to eat and what not to eat but what is often overlooked is one of the core principles of IIN; Primary Foods. Primary Foods are the things in our lives that truly feed us but aren’t necessarily food. They consist of our spiritual life, career, relationships and physical movement. Without addressing these critical aspects of our lives then whatever food shows up on our plate will never address these primary issues.

Mind/Body Connection in Medicine is Finally Staking its Claim

Several doctors spoke of the importance of diet and lifestyle factors in their lectures and all of them strongly touched on the mind/body connection. In fact, they all expressed that addressing the body without addressing the mind is counter-productive. The body will respond to what the mind tells it - it’s time to fully buy in to this approach.

The Microbiome is Where Health and Disease Begin

The microbiome is the sum of bacteria and organisms that grow in the intestines. It houses the majority of our immune system and even neurotransmitter function that ends up in the brain. WE are destroying this critical area with processed foods, sugar, antibiotics and stress. Any chronic disease or ill health that is not addressing this area is like going to the deli to get your dry cleaning done. It will never make sense.

It’s Critical to Let Go of Your Story

Dr. Joan Borysenko brilliantly spoke about how important it is to use forgiveness and gratitude to undo the old stories of our past so that we can free up the future that we desire. You will never hate yourself healthy! Letting go of the story that keeps you small, insecure and confused is critical to your happiness. The Vital Guide will be giving a workshop on this in NYC in April. Stay tuned for details.

Coaches Are the Answer

With a broken medical and food system there is an urgent demand to re-educate and empower people on the everyday choices they are making. The system has been set up as a sick care system and it will not repair itself. The answer is an outside voice and influence that is championing for the benefit of the individual’s health and happiness so that doctors and hospitals are not overwhelmed with health issues that could have easily been prevented through diet and lifestyle.

I was honored to be in the room and have the opportunity to speak to such amazing game-changing leaders and pioneers in the health industry. Coaches are the answer and we are here to support you in your journey to optimum health.  Don’t hesitate to empower yourself and take back control over your energy and life.