Do You Want To Build Your Muscles? Here’s What You Need To Do…

Mental Muscles.jpg

In order to get results you have to work your muscles! We don’t mean physical muscles. It’s obvious those need training, too. 

We’re referring to the invisible muscles. The one’s responsible for creativity, learning, inspiration and willpower. These are the intangible muscles that help you achieve things you didn’t think were possible. The same way we build and maintain our physical bodies through exercise, and play, so too do we build strength in every other area of life.

    •   Taking action – muscle

    •   Compassion – muscle

    •   Meditation – muscle

    •   Forgiveness - muscle

  •   Creativity – muscle

You get the point.

Whenever you find yourself stuck in any area of your life it’s usually because of some sort of imbalance. Usually as a result of a weak, unused, “muscle.” 

What’s keeping you from being in the best shape of your life, getting that start-up business going, or, from any other activity you wish you were capable of?  

You guessed it!  Weak muscles.

Why are they weak?

    •   It could be a lack of focus or priorities.

    •   Your immediate environment (person, place, or thing) is not conducive to being productive or to making changes.

    •   If you’re feeding your body the wrong fuel, you're hindering your potential.

Whichever of the above it may be, don’t stress yourself out about it.  Sometimes, all we need to do is take a step back to gain perspective, regroup and apply a few strategies.

Stepping Back

Food is the fuel that powers pretty much every single function in your body.  The better the quality of the food you eat the better results you can expect to see in your life and in your muscles.

    •   Sports – check!

    •   Sex – check!

    •   Better cognitive function – check!

    •   Overall wellness – check that shit!

Getting Clear  

Block out a time in your day where you can grab a pen and pad (avoid digital distractions or it’ll never happen) then start writing down a list of dreams, or goals that you’d love to accomplish in your life.  

Start Taking Action

You’ve heard it before. You don’t need to take life altering, massive steps (if you can, great!). The work of committing to a dream life doesn’t happen overnight. Small incremental bits of work will definitely add up over time. Hacking your way through can come in handy here and there, but there is no replacing hard work.

If this resonated with you in some way then get busy, take action, and work those muscles!