The most powerful Ingredient for Heart Health, is...

February is Heart Health month and there are a lot of blogs going around regarding what foods to eat that support your heart and cardiovascular system. HINT: foods that are red contain the compound, Lycopene, which supports your blood and heart, so get your red fruits and vegetables into your diet with great quantity. But there is something that is commonly overlooked that needs to be a common staple of your daily diet: Passion!

Too often we are taught to suppress what makes us come alive. We hear things like “be realistic, don’t get your hopes up, be practical, passion doesn’t pay the bills,” and on and on. And every time we buy that, a part of us shrinks and dies a little at a time. The next thing we know, days, weeks, months, years and even decades go by and that part of us remains unfulfilled. 

At The Vital Guide, we take a different approach. We believe that what makes you come alive gets to be at the foreground of your life. When your life is led by your passion and drives everything you do, all your relationships both personal and professional, become an enhancement of who you are and what you are up to. Without passion life becomes dull, predictable and empty. 

If this rings true for you, we get it, we’ve been there. We have been in dead end jobs, relationships, existences. We know what it’s like to question everything in life during the most boring conference call in history. We remember the feeling of, “this can’t be what my life is about” all throughout our 20’s. 

Adding passion and purpose to your life may seem overwhelming at first. Simply start with one thing. Start with one domain. Passion lacking in your relationship? Start there. Work? Bring it back or shift into something new. Recreation? Book a trip or reignite an old hobby or explore one you’ve always wanted to try. 

When you are feeding your inner fire the food on your plate becomes secondary to what truly fuels you. When you are up to great things in your life, you will tend to put down the dead processed foods, experiences and relationships that drag you down. 

When you get into the process of demanding passion be part of what you do, it begins to bleed into everything that you do. A man of passion is confident, magnetic, inspiring and people love being around him. Start with one domain of your life until passion is injected into everything you do. 

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In Service,

Michael and Pablo