This co-ed retreat, held at The Drift Away Eco Lodge, is the break you deserve. It is a 5-day sacred journey to self-discovery, where you’ll have the chance to relax, unwind, and reawaken your potential while enjoying the quiet beach town of Playa Avellanas. We’ll have the entire resort to ourselves - allowing you to be fully relaxed and present as you dig deep to connect with your true inner being. 

This retreat was designed for those that are looking to live a fulfilling life,  promote personal growth & development with an emphasis on total wellness. It is your opportunity to connect with like-minded people and find your tribe; the connections you will make in this sacred space will be genuine and powerful. 

Your time in Costa Rica has been thoughtfully planned out, and each activity is completely intentional. Each day you’ll get to participate in group coaching, where we will provide you with simple, effective tools to help you re-ignite your vitality. The group circles are an intimate conversation space where you will get to know one another, set intentions, reflect, and look inward. You will develop skills that you’ll be able to take home with you and implement in your daily life. 

This experiential retreat will spark your love of adventure! From hiking and yoga, to a sweat lodge and a cacao ceremony, there will be an opportunity for both inner and outer exploration. We will  open and close the retreat with ceremonies that will anchor us in a state of presence, allowing you to connect with each other, with nature, and to your higher self. You’ll also have the chance to participate in optional activities like surfing, horseback riding, stand up paddleboarding, and more!

You will go home feeling grounded and revitalized  after this week in Costa Rica focused on total wellness - mind, body, and soul.