Want A Remarkable Year? Focus On Meaning.

 “Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.”
~ Viktor E. Frankl

In Man’s Search For Meaning, concentration camp survivor and the founder of logo-therapy, Victor Frankl, states that man’s main concern in life is not about finding pleasure, or seeking power, but instead, that of finding meaning.

Whether you agree or not, think about this for a moment.

Roasted Rosemary Potatoes

Who doesn’t love potatoes?! Ok, I know that some folks in the health and wellness community shun potatoes because of their fluffy-white-glycemic-spike-inducing-goodness, but damn it, potatoes really can be healthy! And, they’re extremely easy to cook, too.

6 Simple Steps To The Best Thanksgiving Ever.

Every year it seems as if the holiday season goes by in a blur. Turkey day comes and goes, and what’s left is perhaps a faint memory of an overly stuffed belly, and maybe a few blurry photos for the Facebook feed.

This Thanksgiving make the best of it by doing the opposite of numbing out, and instead employ these six steps for the best thanksgiving ever.

How To Be A Balanced And Healthy Man

While food and exercise are important to us, it is by no means the only area we focus on. For us “health and wellness” incorporates all aspects of life.

We don’t care if you’re eating kale and lifting heavy things all day long, if you aren’t striving to be a well-rounded human, then the picture isn’t complete, and your life can suffer as a result.

End of story.

Being a healthy-balanced man means:

Savory Herbed Chicken With Garlic And Mushrooms

I made this dish a few weeks ago, and got a lot of requests for the recipe. In this dish the chicken is first seared to seal in the juices, and to add a golden color. Then, it gets braised in a combo of stock, white wine, and finally, finished in the oven for added depth and color. 

The fat the chicken releases into the pot is an added flavor bomb as is common in meat dishes. Fat carries flavor and this is no exception

Excessively Tired All The Time? You May Have Adrenal Fatigue!

We live in a fast-paced, high stressed society, there is no denying that. Many of us are depleted and stressed out. Unfortunately, this has become a standard way of living.

So until you are able to take a year off and do nothing but spa treatments, swap out that evil boss of yours, sleep for 10 hours a day, meditate like a monk in the hills and just let it all go, you may want to give your adrenal glands some rest and support.

The Benefits Of Not Eating. Have You Experienced Fasting?

At this point in time I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of fasting. Perhaps you’ve even already experimented with it. 

Fasting is not the latest trend in health and wellness. It has been around for as long as man himself. Whether via a lack of food being available, for religious reasons, or more commonly in our modern day, for health reasons, we’ve been fasting for a long time. 

You Should Rethink Having Breakfast.

know that the title of this article may make some dietitians and nutritionist cringe at the very thought of their clients skipping out on the most universal and trusted “theory” in nutrition for the last century. I can hear you saying, “With all of the debate and confusion in nutrition please can’t we just agree on breakfast being important?” Short answer: No, sorry, we can’t.

Savory Smoked Salmon, Brazil Nuts, And Pastured Cream Cheese Roll Ups.

Want a super quick and simple breakfast or snack? Then you have to try these smoked salmon wraps. 

I tend to eat pretty balanced but lately, for specific goals I’ve been working moderately to reduce some of my carb intake throughout the day. On this particular morning I was thinking cream cheese and lox over sourdough toast — but then I thought, what if we omit the bread?

Surviving A Bear Encounter. What You Absolutely Need To Know.

Todd Orr. You may have recently heard of this modern day Hugh Glass’s story on the news or via the internet.

Todd Orr, was scouting for Elk in Madison Valley, a southwest Montana area. He knows that this is bear country so as he’s moving along he’s yelling out, “hey bear!” about every 30 seconds to avoid surprising any bears near the trail.

About three miles in he steps out into an open meadow and yells again.

After a few more steps he spots a sow grizzly with her cubs. The sow sees him and at first they take off and run a short distance up the trail.

Unfortunately for Todd, the grizzly turns back and charges.