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Are you kidding me?! Don't let ANYTHING stop you.

Once, while walking in Central Park, I saw a man and a woman jogging along the runners path. I noticed that the man, who looked strong and fit, was holding a cord that was being held at the other end by the woman. 

At first I thought nothing of it, except I noticed he had his eyes closed. When I looked again with full attention I realized that this man was blind. 

Why We Sweat.

It's kind of hard to beat working with fire, going through a purifying sweat, and then getting cleansed by a downpour of rain and thunder. 

From the sweat lodges of the Native Americans, the Roman thermae, or the sauna loving Finn’s, for ages mankind has been enjoying the many benefits of sweating.

Pan Seared Wild Salmon With Roasted Baby Bok Choy

A nice piece of wild salmon and organic baby bok choy is all you need to make a delicious and super simple meal with a paleo’ish lean. 

In our latest video we show how easy it is to make this as a lunch or dinner option. 

Better Drink Your Water. Here's Why.

Ever wonder why drinking water is such a big deal? Check out this video for a quick explanation and some simple guidelines to make sure you're getting enough water everyday. Drink up!

How Two Little Words Are Setting You Up for Misery

Let me guess…. The circumstances of your life right now are less than ideal. Am I correct? I see a lot of people struggling with health and life issues, or with connecting the dots of their passion and purpose.