Roasted Grass-Fed Beef Marrow Bones With Ginger-Parsley Spread

You've seen the images, Neanderthal man walking around with a bone ready to hit his selected mate over the head and drag her back to his man cave. Turns out that bone he was carrying around may have served another purpose… lunch!

Seriously, if you haven't yet indulged in the marrow of a roasted grass-fed bone, what. are. you. waiting. for?

Boosted Brain Smoothie

Today’s recipe is a brain boosting smoothie and it’s a favorite of mine. The original recipe is from Rebecca Katz’s, The Healthy Mind Cookbook, but I’ve slightly modified it . I’ll sometimes make this smoothie for breakfast, but it works just as well as a snack, for lunch, or dinner. I just double the serving to satisfy my man-sized appetite, and feed my Cro-Magnon brain.