Quinoa Wild Shrimp & Sausage With Arugula Party In Your Mouth

Today’s recipe is brought to you by, our hungry bellies!

Because there aren’t too many things better than cooking in a cast iron pan, and because this is a hungry man’s meal. In fact, as Michael put it, “Bro, I’d crush that whooole thing!”

So would I Michael, so would I.

Roasted Grass-Fed Beef Marrow Bones With Ginger-Parsley Spread

You've seen the images, Neanderthal man walking around with a bone ready to hit his selected mate over the head and drag her back to his man cave. Turns out that bone he was carrying around may have served another purpose… lunch!

Seriously, if you haven't yet indulged in the marrow of a roasted grass-fed bone, what. are. you. waiting. for?

Roasted Rosemary Potatoes

Who doesn’t love potatoes?! Ok, I know that some folks in the health and wellness community shun potatoes because of their fluffy-white-glycemic-spike-inducing-goodness, but damn it, potatoes really can be healthy! And, they’re extremely easy to cook, too.

Savory Herbed Chicken With Garlic And Mushrooms

I made this dish a few weeks ago, and got a lot of requests for the recipe. In this dish the chicken is first seared to seal in the juices, and to add a golden color. Then, it gets braised in a combo of stock, white wine, and finally, finished in the oven for added depth and color. 

The fat the chicken releases into the pot is an added flavor bomb as is common in meat dishes. Fat carries flavor and this is no exception

Savory Smoked Salmon, Brazil Nuts, And Pastured Cream Cheese Roll Ups.

Want a super quick and simple breakfast or snack? Then you have to try these smoked salmon wraps. 

I tend to eat pretty balanced but lately, for specific goals I’ve been working moderately to reduce some of my carb intake throughout the day. On this particular morning I was thinking cream cheese and lox over sourdough toast — but then I thought, what if we omit the bread?

Pan Seared Wild Salmon With Roasted Baby Bok Choy

A nice piece of wild salmon and organic baby bok choy is all you need to make a delicious and super simple meal with a paleo’ish lean. 

In our latest video we show how easy it is to make this as a lunch or dinner option. 

Scrambled Eggs With Kimchi, Avocado and Fresh Cilantro

Eggs all day any day is our motto.

Ok, that’s not really our motto, but we do like our pastured eggs, and this easy egg scramble for breakfast is hard to beat. Throw in the avocado and it’s a done deal.

Boosted Brain Smoothie

Today’s recipe is a brain boosting smoothie and it’s a favorite of mine. The original recipe is from Rebecca Katz’s, The Healthy Mind Cookbook, but I’ve slightly modified it . I’ll sometimes make this smoothie for breakfast, but it works just as well as a snack, for lunch, or dinner. I just double the serving to satisfy my man-sized appetite, and feed my Cro-Magnon brain.

Traditional Cree Pemmican A Sustenance Powerhouse

Today’s recipe comes from The Sacred Cookbook, by Nick Polizzi of the documentary, “The Sacred Science.” It’s a cookbook based on traditional health-nurturing recipes. So the recipe I chose to highlight is one that, as a hiker, I been wanting to make for some time: Cree Pemmican!

Wild Game Three Bean Chili

On a recent trip to Alaska our hosts sent my us home with a box filled with wild game. One of the items in that box was ground moose meat. So because we wanted to honor the Alaskan way of eating wild game for sustenance and sustainability, and we also happen to love chili that much. It was only logical that a moose chili had to happen.