What Are Your 3 Greatest Commodities In Life?

com·mod·i·ty noun \kə-ˈmä-də-tē\ * Something useful or valued

Time, love and energy are commodities because we technically trade and invest them.

TIME: One of the most valuable things in life, and one of the most wasted. If you don’t think time is that important, ask anyone on their deathbed and they will tell you. They would give up everything they ever earned for just one more hour with their loved ones; that is how important time is.

LOVE: Love is what makes life worth living! It’s what makes us stretch outside of our comfort zone, demands our growth and magnetizes us towards what is most important in our life. Without love; life is dull, robotic and empty. With love, the most mundane motion can become a divine experience.

ENERGY: Energy is like time; it is what it is. How you use it will determine the quality of your results. Are you fueling your body with energy rich foods that promote health and wellbeing? Are you moving your body in a way that makes you stronger and keeps you youthful? Are you putting energy and effort into the things that fill you rather than deplete you?

Anytime you feel you are wasting one of these precious commodities ask yourself this question, “Is this essential?”

This question will always refocus and re-center you to whether what you are doing is bringing you closer or further from the desired outcome you say you want. If not, begin to change your patterns. If yes, stay the course.

Another tip: Never stay where you are not valued!

Nothing will waste your commodities faster than staying in situations where your value is not honored or recognized. That goes for our jobs, relationships and other places where we prostitute ourselves and de-value our time, love and energy.

Stop spending time, love and energy on people that deplete yours! Demand more of yourself and raise the rates of what is valuable in your life.

Your commodities are the currency you use to create a deep, fulfilling and meaningful life.  No one is going to value them for you, you must value them yourself and present that worth to the world. You have one life; you have these currencies to spend throughout it.

Invest them wisely.