You Need A Coach. Here's Why It's Essential.

How often do we hear from our doctors, “Take this pill along with diet and exercise.”  

Two things seem to happen after that: 

1) We black out and forget they even mentioned diet and exercise and,

2) It is assumed that most people know what a nutritious diet and proper exercise look like to begin with. 

Most people don’t.

So we end up taking a pill for what could more than likely be treated and cured by simple lifestyle tweaks. It’s not that your doctor doesn’t care about your wellbeing, it’s that your doctor doesn’t have the time to.

Doctors in America are spending an average of 15 minutes (if you’re lucky) with their patients during a single visit. How are you supposed to absorb all the info, know how, application and insight you need in 15 minutes or less?

This is where Health Coaches come in. Take a holistic doctor, a chef, a therapist and a personal trainer, merge them all into one person that you consider a friend and that you talk to routinely for an hour, two to four times per month. As coaches, we are able to give the appropriate time that is necessary for a patient to really learn, absorb and apply the principles that it takes to really achieve optimum wellness and better lifestyle overall.

The average Health Coach spends an hour bi-monthly, or sometimes weekly with each of their clients. They also have access to them in between via email, or shorter check in calls. During those times, a relationship is established of accountability, trust and friendship.

This is beyond critical because of one simple reason: “Facts don’t make people change, feelings make people change.”  

There is a large gap between what people CAN do and what people WILL do.

Coaches help fill in that gap.

We motivate, educate and inspire people to get better, healthier and happier. The “Do this, don’t do that,” method is an outdated model, and clearly not working.  

There’s a huge difference between KNOWING what to do that is good for you and WANTING to do what is good for you!

If you relate to some of the following examples below, connecting with a Certified Health Coach is a positive step for you in the right direction:

  • You know what to eat and how to exercise but can’t seem to incorporate it into your lifestyle
  • You know that you need to eat better but are confused and don’t even know where to begin
  • You are interested in making better and healthier choices for you and your family but need some guidance as you begin to make changes
  • You would rather get “healthy” than just lose weight through a new fad diet system
  • Doctors can’t seem to pinpoint your ailments such as fatigue, digestive issues, skin issues etc.
  • You know that food is more than just calories IN to calories OUT
  • You aren’t content with just taking pills and masking symptoms – you want real and applicable answers that get to the root cause of your issues
  • You know that when you are accountable to someone you are able to make positive lifestyle changes
  • You are stuck in your old stories and want to break the cycle
  • You believe there is a direct connection between your mind and your body
  • You can’t seem to get your mindset right
  • You are ready to upgrade your life

At The Vital Guide we believe wholeheartedly that Coaches are the missing link to our current health care crisis and overall dissatisfaction with life.

Empowering individuals to take charge of their health and happiness is going to create the lasting change and improvement to our society that is critical in this day and age.

What we do on an individual level is going to reshape our collective destiny. Take charge of your health and life. 

Do it now.

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