Mind The Gap

How To Break Free From The Stories That Hold You Back

Living in and around New York City we see the signs on the subway platforms that state “Mind the Gap.” Clearly it is there to promote safety for the subway passengers. But is it possible that The Big Apple and life are sending us a more profound message?

At The Vital Guide, we call the “Gap” the space between where we ARE in our lives and where we DESIRE to be. The Gap is the space between that holds all the growth and discovery that we get to add to our lives to produce the results we are up to. It is in closing the gap that we undertake what Joseph Campbell coined, “The Hero’s Journey.”

When there is a large space between what you desire in your life and what actually is, life tends to be stuck, difficult and sometimes absolutely painful. Our mission at The Vital Guide is to assist men in closing the gap of where they are and where they want to be. We assist in the domains of health, relationships, career and personal growth. 

One of the greatest hindrances that keep men from their desired lives are the stories they tell themselves as to why they can’t have it. They think they can’t have the money they desire, the relationship they desire, career, personal depth, and if they are lucky enough to have one, they certainly can’t have them all! 

On April 23, 2016 we are going to breakdown the stories that hold men back from their optimum lives. We are going to facilitate and share with you the breakthrough ways of showing up in your life that have you live from a newer, more fulfilled, deeper level of happiness and peace. We will give you strategies for success that affect all areas of your life and the tools to take these insights out into your life and the world. 

If you are committed to making breakthroughs in your life and living it in the way you dreamed and desired, then this is the workshop for you and you can’t miss it. We are committed to your success and having you create the breakthrough necessary to closing the gap. 

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To your best life, 
Michael and Pablo