Savory Smoked Salmon, Brazil Nuts, And Pastured Cream Cheese Roll Ups.


Want a super quick and simple breakfast or snack? Then you have to try these smoked salmon wraps. 

I tend to eat pretty balanced but lately, for specific goals I’ve been working moderately to reduce some of my carb intake throughout the day. On this particular morning I was thinking cream cheese and lox over sourdough toast — but then I thought, what if we omit the bread?

Enter the Salmon, brazil nut, cream cheese wrap! Best thing I’ve come up with, ever. Just kidding, but it’s pretty damn good and a nice change of pace from the typical breakfast options.

This is super simple, guys. Check out the minimalist ingredient list below. Just three items that are all loaded with documented nutritional benefits.


  1. Smoked wild salmon

  2. Brazil nuts

  3. Pastured cream cheese

If want to fancy it up some, take some fresh dill, chop it up, and mix it in with your cream cheese. It’ll give it a nice herby kick.


  • Take your salmon and separate a few slices depending on how hungry you are.

  • With a table knife, add a dab of the cream cheese to one end of the salmon slice.

  • Place the brazil nut on top of the cream cheese.

  • From that same end begin rolling your wrap.

  • Marvel at the simplicity. Put it in your face. Be delighted.

You’re welcome!

In health,