You’re a man, but you don’t always feel like one.

While you’ve got a decent job, a partner to love, and most of the things you “should” have, it all just feels mediocre.

And if you’re being honest …
Sometimes you wish you’d get fired so you could finally go backpacking through Southeast Asia. 
Or that your girlfriend would break things off so you could meet someone who inspires you on a deep level.
Or that your buddies would pursue something more interesting than beer, football, and corporate careers.
You’ve got a hunch that you could find what you’re looking for.

That you could be a man who wakes up…
Stocked by his life. Feeling powerful and strong. Finding unbreakable confidence in his choices, actions, and capabilities. And knowing that he is working towards a meaningful legacy.

If you want to start making progress towards this NOW, join our Ignite Your “10” Life Challenge.

This 7-day experience will provide you with a roadmap that gives you a step-by-step process for owning your life and living it with purpose.

You’ll discover:

  • What you want your “10” Life to look like
  • What your real purpose is + how to work towards it
  • What’s blocking you from making it real
  • How to make essential changes to move forward
  • How to surround yourself with people that support you

Hi, we’re Michael & Pablo

Founders of The Vital Guide & Creators of Ignite Your “10” Life

We’re on a mission to help men revive their power, regain their vitality, and realize the good life. As health coaches and entrepreneurs, we’ve both undergone our own growth periods — and we understand that growth is an essential and ongoing process for men who want to lead a life with passion, vision and purpose. We are forever committed to our individual evolutions and to guiding other men in their own growth process.

How It Works:

Starting TBD, you’ll receive a daily email + action step (7 in total) from us that is meant to jump-start this process for you.

What’s Included:

  • Access to a private challenge Facebook group
  • Daily exercises related to self discovery and consciously creating your future that you can use for life
  • Ongoing support from The Vital Guide coaches throughout the program
  • Accountability from us and other men in your group

This Challenge is for you if you want …

  • To claim the life you know you’re meant to lead
  • To wake up each morning with clarity and focus
  • To discover what is blocking you
  • To start laying the essential foundation for your legacy
  • To begin living a life of purpose and intention

This free challenge will show you how.

We’ll guide you every step of the way.