Are You tired of being Stuck?

Are you struggling or frustrated with a specific area of your life?

Join us for our April 23rd, 2016 Vital Guide Workshop at 10am ET at Talde, 8 Erie Street, Jersey City, NJ. We'll be identifying the frustrations that men are having, how to tackle those challenges, and place ourselves in positions to lead successful and happy lives.


Join this WORKSHOP if YOU…

  • Know you're holding yourself back but can't figure out how or why
  • Haven't been able to stick to a good eating and exercise plan
  • Are highly stressed or feeling unsatisfied
  • Feel tired most of the time, unfocused, and unmotivated
  • Want more out of life, but you aren't sure how to get there
  • Are ready to make a commitment and shift into a new way of living

 From this workshop you'll be able to...

  • Identify and breakthrough limiting beliefs and create a new story that serves you
  • Get off the rollercoaster of un-fulfillment, guilt and regret
  • Learn how to create deep and meaningful relationships
  • Create the results in your life that you desire
  • Begin living the life you were born to

What Others are saying

My overall physical and mental well-being are drastically improved. I’ve lost 35 lbs. so far, have massive amounts of energy, and didn’t get sick all winter despite having toddlers. I am much much sharper at work, no longer sluggish during mid-day, and have more self-confidence than I have in years. Totally broke my sweets and chocolate addiction, and stopped feeling like I have to jam every last bite of food in my mouth.
— Joseph C. Uva
I am a much more mindful human being. My family has adopted my eating habits and even rest schedule. As a family, our cumulative weight-loss is approaching 100lbs.
— Patrick Garcia
I have created new possibilities and experiences for myself. I’ve learned to appreciate people more, be present in their presence and enroll them into my commitments. I walk proudly knowing I live my life with integrity, focus and a positive mindset. I am a better human being because I chose to do the work. Thank you for everything. I truly appreciate it.
— Chris Yoz

About us

Pablo Garcia and Michael DeSanti, co-founders of The Vital Guide, are health & wellness experts who, through their own journeys, discovered the power of key diet and lifestyle upgrades. Just like you, they were frustrated and relied on caffeine for energy, experienced health scares, and had no idea where to go for real deal guidance and support. After years of trial and error they are now bringing their unique approach to living a happy, healthy and purpose driven life to the public.